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  • Evpas spol. s r.o. Bohemia Glass
  • Evpas spol. s r.o. Bohemia Glass
  • Evpas spol. s r.o. Bohemia Glass
  • Evpas spol. s r.o. Bohemia Glass
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Evpas Bohemia Glass Czech Republic - Hihg enamel, Graven glass, Enamel, Dinaryt

Engraved glass

This technique came from cutting the diamonds during the 16th century and a famous tradition of north-bohemian cut otherwise engraved glass was gradually developed.
The engraved glass is the most elaborate of all the glass refinement techniques expecting great skills and patience. The range of possibilities given is huge.
To complicated, elaborate intaglios longer practice is needed but mainly a plenty of artistic feelings, creative knowledge and skills.



Hydroglaze is highly efficient colour, very well chemically and mechanically resistant, allowing wide use in interiors.
It is based on the unique composition of thermosetting resin system for brilliant glass decoration of unlimited colour scheme.

- excellent retaining on glass
- very good abrasion and scratching resistance
- good yellowing resistance
- high chemical resistance: water, steam, pasteurization, alcohol
- good alkaloids and acids resistance
- it does not contain heavy metals (Cd, Pt…)


High enamel

The origin of this interesting technology is dated in the break of the 19th and 20th century. Pure gold and platinum are used for the decoration. It is laid on the glass in fluid state by a paintbrush and then burnt in special furnaces.

Arabesque-shaped or floral motifs embossed layers are gradually laid on the foundation layer of gold by a paintbrush. Repeated burning and laying next layers cause their plastical look. The process of laying and burning generally repeats four times, in the case of more difficult decorating even more times.

Glass colours is basically overground low-fusing glass. A painter has to mix an appropriate colour with a vehicle perfectly, then he lays the colour on cleared form and burns according to the kind of colour and glass by the temperature of 540 – 580˚C.

Glass is one of the noblest materials people have made. It is close to minerals because it was actually made of them, on the other hand there is a kind of something preciously fragile in it.
The more we know about it, the more pleasure we find in it.

The therm „Bohemian glass“ gradually struggled on account of the tens of generations’ work and was – is the top quality design synonym.

Authenticly specific decoration by our designers has been guiding our products during the whole company existance since the year 1988.

We are dealing with traditional high enamel and engraved glass handcrafted techniques with different combinations. These handcrafted techniques are inimitable and ensure the originality of each of the products.



To love glass is the same as to admire and appreciate qualities forming its everlasting worth
i. e. the honesty of mass and the honesty of work.

J. Drahoňovský




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